Handstands Live at Dundry

This 60 minute Handstand Tutorial was filmed at Dundry Village Hall during a live workshop. Available now on Vimeo https://vimeo.com/ondemand/dundry

During this video, Ben Lowrey will explain and demonstrate many popular Handstand shapes and spotting techniques to the participants. You will hear people’s questions being answered throughout the video.

This video focuses on finding balance in different Handstand shapes whilst working in pairs. Wall exercises and stretching technique are not part of this tutorial.

Most of the participants are Yoga orientated, but some participants also have backgrounds in Dance, Circus, Gymnastics, and AcroYoga. It is recommended that you have at least 1 year of experience with Yoga or fitness before attempting to handstand.

This workshop is suitable for beginners but you should only attempt the exercises if you can already crow, headstand, and handstand against a wall for at least 10 seconds. It is recommended that you practise with a friend so you can spot each other safely.

This video will give you a glimpse into Ben Lowrey’s relaxed approach to teaching Handstands, and how he simplifies and demystifies the process.

Flexibility is very important and it is recommend that you attend yoga or stretch classes regularly to improve your overall flexibility. Mobile shoulders are the key to a straight handstand.