How to hold a Tucked Handstand

A tucked handstand is easier in some ways because the bodyweight is lower and so it’s easier to balance.Â

People with good shoulder mobility will find it easier to stick their bum out because open shoulders are a part of the overall back bend.Â

People with restricted shoulder mobility will find that their closed shoulders spoil the back bend and so they’ll find it difficult to stick their bum out and balance in a tucked handstand.Â

If they are strong enough, they will be able to lean forward and support their bodyweight but it will feel like a struggle, if they are not strong enough then the tuck simple won’t be possible.

These people will find a regular straight Handstand easier to balance, but it won’t be entirely straight because the closed shoulders will cause a slight back bend to compensate, but it will feel easier than the tuck.Â

When the arms are vertical to the ground the bodyweight can rest on the arms with very little effort.

Whenever your arms are leaning forward you are then relying on shoulder strength to support your bodyweight. Plus the sensation of leaning forward into the wrists may feel uncomfortable unless you have good wrist mobility.

Your body will adapt to hand-standing the more you practise it.Â