The two best Handstand drills for beginners

The aim of this video tutorial is to provide the simplest drills to learn how to handstand.

The main components are
1. Controlled entry into the handstand
2. Balance once you’re there

These two exercises will help you progress in both of those, in the simplest + safest way possible. When you combine the two, you will be able to kick up and hit your handstand balance.

It’s important to feel enjoyment + satisfaction + progress in our hobbies.

Without some gratification, our interest quickly dwindles and we are likely to give up.

Do you want the perfect set of professional handstand drills that you’re NOT going to do, or do you want a few simple exercises that you WILL do?

The reality is, most people are not going to spend hours and hours per day doing the gruelling conditioning of a professional circus Handbalancer or a competitive gymnast.

Most of us will be content with a nice handstand, that we can perform in Yoga class or in front of our friends.

These two exercises will get you there.