The Circoplex Lightshow

The Circoplex light show is used for ambient lighting during Circoplex Events.

This light show was constructed by Ben Lowrey during the Summer of 2018, and consists of 6 wooden frames, 66 strips of LEDs, with a total of 3,960 RGB pixels.

The technology is called “addressable LEDs”, or “smart pixels”, and uses WS2815 12V strips, at 60 pixels per meter.

The graphics are generated from a combination of downloaded video, and also patterns which are generated in real time by the software. This is run from an iPad app called LED LAB.

The pixels receive their instructions in code called SPI, which comes via an ArtNet interface over Wifi. Two ArtNet interfaces are used, to run a total of 6 outputs, each with 4 universes of 170 RGB pixels. These are a BC-204 and SmartShow NetWS-2040.


The lightshow is available for hire for events. Prices start at £500 which includes the operator. Names can be displayed on the array.