Handstand Workshop F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the workshop suitable for beginners? 

Yes, so long as you can do a crow. headstand, or handstand against a wall, you’ll be fine. Most participants cannot yet balance.

Is it suitable for people who can already handstand? 

Yes. Many attendees have a gymnastic background, or are advanced Yogis who have mastered handstand to some degree. The class will be adapted to challenge whoever is present. It’s very rare for people to feel under-challenged in the workshop.

Can children attend?

No. It is an adult class, please only book if you can arrange childcare. Many of the people attending are professional Circus performers, Yoga teachers, Pole teachers (aswell as casual enthusiasts) who want to focus and progress their skills. The environment is not suitable for children to spectate. Teenagers with gymnastic experience are welcome to attend, but please contact me to discuss before booking,

What should people wear?

Normal comfortable gym/yoga clothes is fine.

Can you really fill a whole workshop with just handstands?

Yes. There is a lot to work on. Flexibility, Strength, Balance. We work in pairs to spot each other, and there is a lot of different exercises to practise. The class is very fast paced and the time flys by. People are often surprised at how challenging it is.

What type of Handstand is it? 

Circus Handbalancing. We will train in the way a professional Circus Handbalancer would train. Yoga, Capoeira, Crossfit, Gymnastics, Break dance, all approach handstands in different ways. The strictest form is Circus Handbalancing.

Is this workshop suitable for professional Circus Handbalancers?

No. This workshop is aimed at general population yoga + fitness enthusiasts. One-arm and performance level skills are beyond the scope of this workshop.