Handstand Workshop at your Crossfit Box

Would you like me to deliver a Handstand workshop at your CrossFit Box?

I am happy to travel to your gym and teach a 90 minute intensive. This will include many different drills to challenge people’s handstand strength, balance, flexibility, and walking ability. There will also be focus on basic acrobatic movement such as cartwheels, forward rolls and animal movement. 

We will work in pairs to spot each other, and also do exercises against the wall to ensure people have many different drills which they can continue to use in their own training. 

I have many free video tutorials which participants can continue to refer to after the event. 


I always teach on Sundays. Please choose your preferred slot. You can check my availability by looking at my list of workshop dates.

  • Sunday morning. 11am-12:30
  • Sunday afternoon. 4pm-5:30pm


  • Option 1. I prefer to hire the space and manage the ticket sales myself. A staff member can attend for free. I can pay £20ph if the space is large enough for 20 participants. 
  • Option 2.  I can be hired for a flat fee of £250 and you can manage the ticket sales yourself.

Max price £25pp.

Suggested discount £20 for 2.

20 person max.