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The Myth of Core Strength – Video Tutorial

WARNING: This video contains major TRUTH BOMBS which may cause your Yoga teacher to weep. For some reason, core strength gets used as the default answer to everything. There is a strange obsession around this topic which can feel a little cult-like at times.  I have a mental image of hundreds of zombies with their […]

Handstand shapes explained – Video Tutorial

This tutorial will explain why some handstand shapes are easier than others.  It helps for us to identify the 3 most important angles:  Shoulders Spine Hips There are very simple reasons why some handstand shapes are more comfortable than others. The more flexible you are, the more choice you will have about where to position […]

Two best drills for learning Handstand – Video Tutorial

The aim of this video tutorial is to provide the simplest drills to learn how to handstand. The main components are Controlled entry into the handstand Balance once you’re there These two exercises will help you progress in both of those, in the simplest + safest way possible. When you combine the two, you will […]

Handstand transitions for Yoga – Video Tutorial

It feels great to float from downward dog to forward fold whilst practising Yoga, which is why I created this short video to give you some exercises to work on. As with most movements – a combination of strength and flexibility is required. If you have less of one, you will need more of the […]

How to Press from Crow to Handstand – Video Tutorial

For UK Handstand Workshops & Special Events visit For Bristol Handstand Classes visit For more video tutorials visit People who build up their arm strength have more options available to them when it comes to balancing a handstand. Arm strength will give you the ability to dip forward and save a […]

How to hold a Tucked Handstand – Video Tutorial

A tucked handstand is easier in some ways because the bodyweight is lower and so it’s easier to balance.  People with good shoulder mobility will find it easier to stick their bum out because open shoulders are a part of the overall back bend.  People with restricted shoulder mobility will find that their closed shoulders […]

How to Cartwheel to Handstand – Video Tutorial

Three Principles. Leg Tension Repetition Playfullness Exercise 1 Start with your hands on the floor. Hop from one foot to the other. The main focus is to keep the legs straight and feet and toes pointed like a ballet dancer or gymnast. Exercise 2 Keep your hands on the floor but begin hopping from side […]

Handstand Shoulder Angles Explained – Video Tutorial

The quest for a straight Handstand can be a mystery at first. It’s important to remember that the mechanics of the handstand are very simple. There is really only 3 factors. 1. The shoulder angle. 2. The curvature or straightness of the spine. 3. The hip angle. It’s also important to remember that if you […]

How to Handstand against a wall – Video Tutorial

This video tutorial will take you on a journey from beginner to improver. For UK Handstand Workshops & Special Events visit For Bristol Handstand Classes visit For more video tutorials visit 1. People who are building their handstand confidence from scratch should aim to just get one foot to touch the wall. […]

How to Press to Handstand – Video Tutorial

This move is known by different names (press, lift, lever) but the name which makes most sense to me is “deadlift”, because we are lifting our bodyweight from a dead start with no momentum or jumping.  “Press”, on the other hand, implies that the arms and elbows are bent and the bodyweight is being pressed, […]