Beginners Handstand Class in Bristol – Circoplex Handstands – MoveGB or Drop-in

If you would like to learn how to Handstand, but are unsure how to practise safely, then Ben Lowrey’s Bristol Handstand Class is perfect for you.

Many people get to the stage where they can Crow or Headstand in Yoga class, and would really like to keep progressing all the way to full Handstand.

To start with, you will find many Video Tutorials on this page. It is recommended that you start with the “How to Handstand against a wall” video.

In the class, Ben Lowrey will show you how to Handstand safely. We will work against the wall, and in pairs, and learn how to spot each other safely.

We will do exercises to progress your shoulder strength and balance and alignment.

Ben Lowrey teach Bristol Handstand Classes and Workshops around the UK, as well as running special events with Yoga, Sound Baths and Dance.

To see the full class description click here.

MoveGB or drop-in £7.


Ben Lowrey

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