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Handstand shapes explained – Video Tutorial This tutorial will explain why some handstand shapes are easier than others.  It helps for us to identify the 3 most important angles:  Shoulders Spine Hips There are very simple reasons why some handstand shapes are more comfortable than others. The more flexible you are, the more choice you will have about where to […]

Two best drills for learning Handstand – Video Tutorial

The aim of this video tutorial is to provide the simplest drills to learn how to handstand. The main components are Controlled entry into the handstandBalance once you’re there These two exercises will help you progress in both of those, in the simplest + safest way possible. When you combine the two, you will be […]

Handstand Teacher Ben Lowrey – photo shoot at Chew Valley Lake – Bristol

October 2018, the sun came out for a few days and there was a perfect opportunity for a photo shoot. I teach my weekly handstand classes in Bristol on Monday and Friday, and I occasionally run workshops at Jon Maggs’ gym, JM Fitness Chew Valley Crossfit. I went to Chew Valley School, class of 1999. […]

Handstand transitions for Yoga – Video Tutorial

It feels great to float from downward dog to forward fold whilst practising Yoga, which is why I created this short video to give you some exercises to work on. As with most movements – a combination of strength and flexibility is required. If you have less of one, you will need more of the […]

Jo Lamaison – Circoplex Yoga Teacher in Winchester

Jo trained as a dancer at Trinity Laban and as a yoga teacher (200 hrs training) with the School of Yoga Institute. She has over 10 years dance teaching experience and 2.5 years of yoga teaching in Winchester. Her class is energetic and flowing. Jo also loves aerial hoop classes! Jo taught for Circoplex as […]

Bristol Handstand Classes – Wildgoose Space BS2 9YP – MoveGB or drop-in

A new weekly Handstand Class will be held at 5:30pm-6:30pm every Friday At The Wildgoose Space, BS2 9YP. The location may appear on google as Ashley Vale Action Group, or The Yard.  The class is suitable for Yoga & Fitness people and is suitable for beginners and all abilities. The class is available on MoveGB […]

Bristol Handstand Classes – City Academy BS5 9JH – MoveGB or Drop-in

A new weekly Handstand Class will be held at 6pm-7pm every Monday in the Dance Studio at City Academy Bristol. The class is suitable for Yoga & Fitness people and is suitable for beginners and all abilities. The class is available on MoveGB or you can drop-in for £7 Ben Lowrey has been teaching handstands […]

Want a straight Handstand? Here are some practical tips

There’s nothing wrong with shooting for a straight handstand, I’m not going to talk you out of it, but it’s not worth stressing over. (This article does contain practical tips) The reality is, everybody at the BBQ, everybody in Yoga class, everybody in the Crossfit Box, and everybody on Instagram, will be perfectly impressed with […]

Rose Bird – Circoplex Yoga Teacher in Nottingham

I live, breathe and love yoga. Having studied yoga in countries across the world, as well as attending medical school, I can bring a unique understanding and empathy for to my teaching. In classes I unite movement, meditation and discipline into a fluid and dynamic flow. Yoga can sculpt, strengthen and shine through the body […]

How to Press from Crow to Handstand – Video Tutorial

For UK Handstand Workshops & Special Events visit For Bristol Handstand Classes visit For more video tutorials visit People who build up their arm strength have more options available to them when it comes to balancing a handstand. Arm strength will give you the ability to dip forward and save a […]